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Questions & Answers

Why do you need current content on your site?

Consistently engaging on social media and sending monthly newsletters keeps you top-of-mind for your customers and makes them aware of your business.  Your clients will appreciate your ability to regularly provide them valuable information.   

Why do you need someone else to write for you?  

  • We’re here to save you time.  It takes time to put thoughts into clear and concise words.  You should be spending that time running your business, not creating content.  
  • We provide high-quality text with proper grammar and punctuation, as well as catching spelling mistakes.  This means the content we provide makes you look more professional. 
  • There’s a definite value to mixing the right words to tell your story and convey your message.  We’ll keep your audience engaged and entertained. 
  • How much will it cost you if you use the wrong words?  You don’t want to offend anyone by mistake. 
  • Save yourself the time, money and stress of producing content. 

Why should you choose Write Wizards?

There are many content writers, so we understand why it’s hard to choose.  We have over 50 years of combined experience in many industries.  We have an engaging, creative and unique writing style always telling your story using your brand’s voice.  We partner with you to convey your message.

Has Write Wizards helped other companies?

Through years of business experience, we have had many satisfied clients.  We have written blogs, been published in newsletters, created PR articles, designed LinkedIn profiles, just to name a few of our talents.

Why not just use google translate?

Google translate is okay, but it isn’t professional and the meanings are often incorrect.  Google will translate words, but the context is often wrong. 

Why not copy what your competition is writing?

It may be okay to follow your competition and read what they publish, but copying their information is stealing.  And we are sure you have your own ideas.

Is hiring someone to create content for you expensive?

Cost is relative.  How much time would it take for you to put together the content you need?  What would that cost?  And what does it cost if you use the wrong wording?  How much business will you lose? By outsourcing the work, you can focus on what you do best and let Write Wizards focus on providing you with engaging content to keep your clients aware of your business.  You may find others to do the work cheaper, but we provide high-quality products based on years of experience. 
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