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10 Blog Articles Every Architect/Designer Needs On Their Website To Win Clients

As a professional architect or designer, you’re probably highly creative when it comes to drawings. But when it comes to writing content, there could be some issues. What kind of content should you publish to attract the projects you want? How do you develop topics for your blogs, articles, and newsletters?

Here are 10 topic ideas for blogs that every architect and designer should have on their website to help win clients and show why you are the right person to design their next project.

1. Why do clients need an architect?

Most people don’t know if they need to hire an architect. With YouTube and DIY shows, many people assume that renovating is easy. Create a blog explaining why an architect is necessary even before design and construction, so that prospective clients get educated and don’t spend time and money on something that isn’t feasible.

2. What does an architect do, and what should clients expect when working with a designer?

A blog explaining the role and responsibilities of an architect helps your prospective client get clarity on exactly what an architect does. Your client will learn what to expect from working with a professional designer and the benefits they’ll get from your expertise.

3. What does your firm do differently than the competition?

All architects are different, just like no project is identical to the one before. There’s a reason why clients choose you over another architect, and it’s not about the cost. Your clients choose you because you can bring unique value to their projects. You are creating aesthetically beautiful spaces that are functioning well. What can you do for your clients that other firms can’t?

4. How do stories about previous clients help prospective clients?

Everyone loves a good story. Why not highlight your expertise by showing how you solved the problems of a previous client? How did your designs make the client’s life better? And if it’s a commercial space, how did you make their business more productive and efficient through your design skills?

5. How to choose the right contractor?

Clients might be looking to you as the expert to help them choose the contractors to build their projects. Some contractors specialize in new home construction, while others have historic renovation expertise. You become the trusted guide to assist your client in hiring the right professionals to see their project through successfully to completion.

6. How to long it takes to design and build your new home or complete a commercial project?

Since each project is unique, as a professional architect or designer, you know the answer is always — it depends. But you also know lead times and constraints that might influence the project length. Once you have an idea of the scope of the projects, you can begin to estimate a timeline. A blog article on this information reassures the prospective client that you have the knowledge to help determine the answer accurately.

7. How does your expertise help your prospective clients?

You may design for a specific niche, such as energy efficiency, renovating barns or industrial facilities, or creating dream homes. Each project increases your knowledge and adds to your expertise to prepare you for the next project. Writing an article showing your technical ability and information on the latest construction methods and materials helps distinguish you as the architect who should become the designer for your prospective client’s project.

8. How do you keep architecture projects on budget?

As an architect, you have not only design skills but are also aware of the budget for your project. Clients are interested in knowing how you can keep their projects running smoothly and within budget. Clarity around the process for tracking money is necessary information that prospective clients will need when deciding who should be their architect or designer.

9. How can your prospective clients avoid common construction issues?

No project is without its issues. Being able to anticipate what those problems might be and finding possible solutions is what you, as a professional architect, do best. Your prospective clients probably want to know that you are aware of what could go wrong and avoid situations that could cost them time and money. A blog with common construction issues on your website shows that you can overcome the obstacles to complete their project successfully.

10. What is your design process?

Prospective clients like to know that you have everything under control and follow a process they can understand. By highlighting the steps of your process, the client is reassured of what stage they are at and what will be done next. Clarity throughout the design process helps eliminate the stress and worry from the clients.

Architects and designers need consistent content

A beautiful website assists you in getting clients, but the right content and copy promote your ability to communicate with prospective clients as well as help you get found online. Show future clients why they need to hire an architect and not renovate on their own. Tell your clients about your expertise and what your firm does differently. Answer questions they might have about finding a contractor, managing a budget, project length, and avoiding costly mistakes.

Clients don’t decide overnight to select an architect. It takes time for them to research and choose. Let them read about how you assisted other clients and solved their design problems. Your articles encourage the clients to know that you are the right architect. By creating consistent content for them to read and follow, you will be the architect they select when it’s time to move their project forward.

If you want more clients and need assistance writing content, schedule a free 30-consultation with Annette at Write Wizards.

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