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Top 5 Reasons Why Architects and Designers Write Blogs To Win Projects

Updated: May 16, 2023

You’ve got a beautiful website with your portfolio full of pictures from your latest projects. You know that all these great designs are sure to catch the eye of prospective clients. After all, can’t those clients just see how the spaces that you create will improve their lifestyle? If you have designed amazing buildings and published all the fabulous pictures, why do architects and designers need to write consistent blogs and newsletters to increase business?

People look at the beautiful pictures on your website, but they can’t distinguish why your designs are any better than any other architect's buildings. So, clients can’t tell if you are the right architect for their project. Written content can explain the benefits of hiring you, helping you stand out, generating more business, and winning projects you enjoy.

Here are 5 reasons why architects and designers need consistent content to attract more clients:

1. Show clients why they need an architect

Most people don’t know if they need to hire an architect. With YouTube and DIY shows, many people assume that renovating is easy. After all, what could possibly go wrong if you are removing walls in a 22-year-old home?

By creating blogs explaining why analysis is necessary before design and construction, you can educate prospective clients to avoid spending time and money on something that isn’t feasible. Have your prospective clients checked the zoning or occupancy regulations, or are they moving full steam ahead? Do they know that before tearing down an outside wall, they need their plans approved by the local municipality?

A blog on your website about why clients need an architect and how to stay clear of pitfalls shows prospective clients that you’re concerned about their best interests and are the right architect to hire.

2. Promote your design skills to attract clients

In addition to showing why people should hire an architect, you want to promote your design skills. You know how to configure spaces efficiently so your clients don’t end up with funny corners with no function or purpose. You are aware of how natural light enters rooms to create the ambiance that your clients are seeking.

Each building you design is specifically created for the people using the space. You have techniques and processes that make those homes and commercial buildings successful. With the right written content, you can convey your design philosophy to your prospective clients so that they understand your language and can fully appreciate what you envision for them.

Writing about what your clients care about most and how you incorporate their desires into the spaces that you create can help distinguish you as the architect who should become the designer for their project.

3. Highlight your problem-solving techniques

As an architect, you have not only design skills but are also an expert problem-solver. Each project is unique, and no construction goes flawlessly, no matter how carefully you plan. Through training and years of experience, you’ve learned to overcome material shortages, lack of labor issues, and approval delays.

With your problem-solving techniques, you are there to rescue any issues. Writing content about how you helped a client solve a specific problem indicates to future clients that you can also assist them. Real-life stories highlight your abilities to get projects done on time and within budget, making your clients happy.

Blog articles about how you transformed disaster into success make your future clients feel confident that you are the architect they seek.

4. Convey your expertise to help clients decide

You’ve had years of education and experience in your practice which means in addition to problem-solving, you’re an expert designer. You know what materials and finishings to choose, which contractors to work with on which types of projects, and what the different municipalities allow.

When prospects consider selecting an architect, they seek information to help them decide. With articles on your website showing that you are aware of the latest construction techniques, clients know you have current industry knowledge. Blogs about benefits your past clients have received from your designs inspire future clients to envision what you can do for them and how you create buildings that will meet their specific lifestyles.

Consistently publishing blog articles on your website and sending newsletters will keep your past, current, and future clients aware of your expertise so they will choose you for their projects.

5. Reinforce your pictures with content

Prospective clients can’t just look at the pictures in your portfolio, understand your expertise, and connect with your design philosophy making it challenging to verify if you are the right architect for their project. Written content can complement your portfolio pictures as well as help your website be found on the internet.

Consistent content that home and business owners can read reinforces your design principles. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but without some explanation, it’s hard for a client to see the actual value of your designs. Help your clients make the right decision and select you as the architect for their project by producing content that conveys your ideas and their implementation.

Complement your pictures with content so that future clients can fall in love with your designs.

Architects and designers need consistent content

A beautiful website assists you in getting clients, but the right content and copy promote your ability to communicate with prospective clients as well as help you get found online. You want to show future clients why they need to hire an architect and not do the renovations on their own. Tell your clients how your problem-solving techniques and your expertise make you the right architect for them. Show why your design skills can give them the home or commercial building that meets their unique needs.

Clients don’t decide overnight to select an architect. It takes time for them to research and choose. By creating consistent content for them to read and follow, you will be the architect they select when it’s time to move their project forward. After all, you aren’t just another architect.

If you want more clients and need assistance writing content, schedule a free 30-consultation with Annette at Write Wizards.

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